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vote for romney. 47% for obama. the pollsters asked who would better manage the economy. 52% said romney. 43% said obama. the election is decided by the number of electoral votes allotted to each state. there are 538 votes in the electoral college. abc news estimates obama is likely to win 217 of them, romney, 191. >>> syrian military commanders say they'll abide by a cease-fire during a muslim holiday over the weekend, but government and opposition forces have shown little sign of letting up in their fighting. >> united nations and arab league envoy organized the tuesday for the festival. government and opposition forces agree to lay down their arms from friday through monday. they agree to lay down arms from friday through monday, but arm commanders say they reserve the right to retaliate against rebel attacks. the head of the opposition forces military council says he's skeptical that government forces will stick to their word. >> the two sides kept up the fighting. several place as head of the truce. government forces are said to have reinforcements. neither side respected a c
. the pollsters asked who would better manage the economy. 52% said romney. 43sa oma the election is decided by the number of electoral votes allotted to each state. there are 538 votes in t electoral college. abc news estimates obama is likely to win 217 of them, romney 191. >>> u.s. voters seem buried under massive amounts of information and claims made by the presidential candidates. many vers can't ll whether the information is accurate or even true. nhk world's susumu kojima reports. >> in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor romney. >> so how much did you cut them? >> not true. >> reporter: in the presidential debates and tv ads, both candidates have bolstered their arguments with a lot of facts. often one candidate refutes the other's information. many voters don't know who or what to believe. >> it's hard to tell a lot of times whether what they're saying is actually true. >> i think it's important in any democracy to have some way to objectively check the claims that politicians sometimes make. >> reporter
industrialized nations and emerging economies. >>> auto makers are struggling in china. strained relations between the countries are affecting sales there. mitsubishi motors is reporting lower sales in the country but growth in southeast asia can make up for the lost revenue. the mitsubishi motors president revealed the firm had cut its sales target in china by over 40%. that's to 42,000 units for the business year through march. he said he is cautious about the outlook for china but strong sales in especially thailand and indonesia should support the firm's business. he said it'll be enough to meet mitsubishi's target of $1 billion in operating profit. executives at another japanese auto maker announced the firm had cut this year's sales target for china by 35%. that's to about 40,000 units. honda has already slashed its operating profit forecast by about $1.2 billion for the current fiscal year. the chinese market accounts for 20% of honda's total sales. follow the latestic nom -- latest economic news. >>> the current account surplus shrunk last month. the government post aid preliminary
to tackle deflation and support the economy. bank of japan officials are seen on tuesday to decide on extra monetary easing for a second month in a row. high on the agenda is the purchase of an asset purchase program. officials will discuss if they need to clarify the timing for reaching a goal of 1% inflation. let's check on the markets now. u.s. exchanges are closed as they batted down for the storm so let's look at some numbers and see how stocks here in japan are opening this tuesday. we go to ramin who is at the tokyo stock exchange. how are stocks kicking off ts >> very good morning. let's have a look at some of the data that came out. unemployment coming at 4.2%. that's unchanged. we did have preliminary industrial production that came at minus 4.1%. that's the third consecutive month of declines there. there's relating to the industrial production part of it. there is a big focus on how tokyo will trad both indexes are trading higher this tuesday, october 30th and both indexes as you can see on the screen up in the first few minutes of trading. investors will see what the bank of ja
because the problem is so huge that they can't reallyhange the suctural economy and military policy, foreign policy, in two, four years. he laid the groundwork, but i don't think he's achieved as much as he wanted or as the people expected. >> we just heard from the professor about foreign policy. how do you think obama has changed the u.s. approach? >> right, well, obama had said repeatedly that america is a pacific nation. and he's been refocusing foreign policy toward asia. commanders at the pentagon really poured resourcetowards this region. and obama tried to strengthen economic ties, for example, congress passed a free trade fact with south korea. but mitt romney and others say obama still hasn't done enough on issues such as the currency disparity with china. republicans say his approach to nuclear weapons is misguided. the professor says somewhere along the way, obama got sidetracked. >> like the working without nuclear weapons, he had an idea and this global vision, but middle east was so volatile and promising at the same time. during his administration. and naturally i th
leaders expect the europe economy will contract next year by 4.5%. they're urging their creditors to lease rescue loans as soon as possible. but many greeks are growing increasingly frustrated with the severely of the cuts. major unions announced a 48 hour general strike for next week. >>> while the eu pressures greece, its own spending poli policies are undefined in britain. members of prime minister's david cameron's own party backed an opposition amendment calling for a smaller eu budget. opposition lawmakers say increasing funding for the regional body is unacceptable. the eu plans to expand its budgets for seven years starting in 2014. prime minister cameron had been surging members of parliament to back a spending freeze. >> and i'm quite prepared to use the veto if we don't get a deal that's good for britain. let's be clear, mr. speaker, it is in our interest to try to get a deal because a seven-year freeze would keep our bills down compared to annual budgets. >> the amendment passed with support from the main opposition labor party and several dozen members of cameron's ruling cons
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)